Life Goals Workshop With GiffGaff Gameplan!

You know what we don’t talk about enough? Money.

I personally find it a tough subject to talk about. I’ve ALWAYS been bad with my money! I’ve never really been good at saving, I’m terrible at impulse buying, and as a freelancer it can be a worry when the next wage is coming.

I use money as a way to make me feel better, buying myself a new record or treating myself to a trip away when I’m feeling down, however it’s only recently that I realised – money is a part of why I feel down in the first place. It’s one of the biggest triggers of my anxiety.

Recently I was invited along to the giffgaff gameplan life goals workshop at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead, and I jumped at the chance. If there’s one thing I need, it’s tips on how to get my finances in order!


You already know giffgaff as a mobile network, but now they’ve set themselves the task of creating a brand new app to help you get to grips with your spending…and that’s where the ‘gameplan’ part comes in!

Giffgaff gameplan is all about getting savvy and getting smart insight with a tap of your screen. Their plan is to help you understand your money and build a better credit score. The app is due to go live in January, but if you’re already interested you can find out some info, and get your free credit report here.

The event was focused around workshops which were hosted by some of the top money bloggers in the UK, and were there to help us with tips and info on bad credit, mortgages and everyday saving.

Now I’m nowhere NEAR ready to be looking at mortgages, so for me the everyday savings workshop was the most important and beneficial and I’m ready to share some of the tips that I picked up with you!

giffgaff gameplan life goals workshop (55)

Photo Credit – giffgaff gameplan

Eileen Adamson from Your Money Sorted ran the workshop, and honestly it opened my eyes so much! It’s incredible how a few little changes in your everyday life can start to save you money – or even make you some.

Eileen got us asking – Why does saving matter? What are you saving for?

Maybe you want to go travelling, maybe you’re looking at moving out/buying a house, maybe you want to save for your future, pay off an overdraft…or maybe you just want to save for a fun holiday or a nice pair of shoes! Whatever it is that you’re saving for, there are plenty of ways you can do it.

One thing to look at – Savings apps!

Yup, I honestly didn’t even realise that they were a thing until this workshop. Apps like Plum and Chip work with your bank to save a small amount from your current account and build up savings for you, and you can sort it all just from your phone. How clever is that?

Next up – Meal planning!

One of the best ways to save some money is to do a meal plan, and to bulk buy your food. Did you know that it could end up saving £800 a year doing that?! Organising your menu for the week/month means that you have a specific shopping list for your ingredients and that you’ll get full use out of them. Planning can also save you time, which is a bonus!

While we’re on the subject of food shopping though – Look at different stores and brands!

Don’t get me wrong we all have brands that we like, but it doesn’t mean that you always need to buy their food. Maybe get out of your comfort zone and try a store’s own brand of something, it could end up saving you a few quid!


Here’s another tip too – Loyalty doesn’t pay! 

When looking at the likes of insurance, mobile phone providers, energy providers – it’s always worth shopping around and changing providers. Doing this, and haggling, could potentially save you a huge £725 per year! If you’re ready to haggle with a company, the best way to do it is via an online chat – it means you get to think about your replies instead of hastily answering on the phone!

How about looking at ways to make money? The best way to do that – Sell old things!

Who’s guilty of holding onto clothes that don’t fit them anymore? Or other bits and bobs that maybe they don’t use? *raises both hands*

Then why not sell them? If they’re in good enough condition you should absolutely pop your clobber up on either eBay or Depop, even if it’s just to make a little bit of cash. Shpock is also another site that you could use, or even Facebook Market.

I’m honestly terrible for holding onto old things, so this for me is definitely something that I’m going to look at!

giffgaff gameplan life goals workshop (60)

Photo Credit – giffgaff gameplan

I’m so thankful to giffgaff for inviting me along to the the workshop – I finally feel ready to try and be more organised with my money, and get those pennies saved!

Have you got any tips for saving money? Let me know! xo

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