Riverdale ‘Hot Dads’ Appreciation Post

With the return of Riverdale this week *cue screaming* it felt right to do a post about it for the blog – it’s one of my favourite tv shows! The cast is amazing, the storyline has more twists and turns than a rollercoaster and let’s not forget…THE HEARTTHROBS.

We talk about the younger lads of the show a lot. Jughead is mysterious and sexy, Kevin has a gorgeous face, Reggie is a beefcake and…do I even need to say anything about Archie?


The CW // Netflix

But I want to talk about the other heartthrobs of the show.

Yep. Remember that wonderful scene in Chapter Thirty-Four : Judgement Night where it’s aaaaall kicking off at Pop’s and Sheriff Keller, Fred and FP all turn up to save the day? Kevin says those magical words, ‘hot Riverdale dads to the rescue’ and well, I’ve never swooned so much in my LIFE.tumblr_p8hl9sJYJ21qiix60o1_500
This my friends, is quite simply going to be a ‘hot dads of Riverdale’ appreciation post, so STRAP YOURSELVES IN!

Let us begin with the silver fox that is…Sheriff Keller.


The CW // Netflix

‘911, what’s your emergency?’ This, this is my emergency. Not only is he a gorgeous man in uniform, we were also blessed with that incredible topless workout scene that gave Archie a run for his money. Just wow.

Next? Fred Andrews.


The CW // Netflix

Ok so Fred isn’t your typical hot guy, but he’s absolutely adorable and he’s one of the good ones. He also has wonderful facial hair.

Next up… Hal Cooper.


The CW // Netflix

I FANCY HAL OK! Don’t you DARE @ me because of this.

Let’s get onto an important man now…Hiram Lodge.


The CW // Netflix

Ok he’s a horrible, horrible man but goodness gracious me he’s a bloody delight to look at isn’t he?! I don’t like him but he has a really sexy voice and looks good in a suit.

Finally, my favourite. FP Jones!

The man, the myth, the legend.

FP Jones is the absolute DREAMBOAT! His sexy facial hair, the Serpent leather jacket, the fact that he rides a motorbike…honestly he’s just drop dead gorgeous.

He’s done some baaaad things, but he’s loyal and damn the man is trying to be a better version of himself. I love him. So much.

Hot Dads aside, after the cliffhanger season 2 left us on I absolutely cannot wait for season 3!

Are you excited? Let me know! xo



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