Sushi School at YO! Sushi intu Metrocentre

Recently I was invited along to YO! Sushi at intu Metrocentre to take part in their Sushi School and I couldn’t wait to get along and get involved!

YO! Sushi is one of my favourite places to go for food, in fact, sushi is one of my favourite foods in general. I absolutely live for Salmon Nigiri and Maki Rolls – I’m actually drooling thinking about them whilst writing this post. I’ve tried to make sushi at home in the past and it wasn’t necessarily a complete disaster, but I was definitely in need of some expert advice if I’m going to make it again!

So what is Sushi School? Well it’s exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a class for adults which gives you the opportunity to learn how to make your own sushi! You don’t need to know anything about sushi to join in because you’ll pick up all the tips and tricks as you go along. It’s such a fun, interactive experience and would actually make the perfect date…well, if your partner liked sushi – Adam refuses to try it but I swear I’ll get him to one day!

In the classes you get the chance to make a few things, depending on the number of people in the class and dietary requirements. Some examples are:

Avocado Maki
Vegetable Yasai Roll
Salmon Nigiri
Kaiso Gunkan
Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll

When we arrived there was a mat covered in cling film (that’s the secret to your sushi not sticking!), some spices and a big bowl of rice set out at our station ready to go. The class starts with your chef showing you how to make each dish step by step. We had the lovely Ailitz as our chef and she was so great in showing us exactly how to make our sushi and helped if we got stuck on the way.


The first dish we made was a Chicken Katsu ISO, which I’d never tried before but it was really tasty. The first step is to take a handful of rice and roll it into a ball. Next, get your sheet of nori and squish the rice down to cover it, adding spices along the way if you wish to. Finally you add your ingredients and roll!

We went on to make Cucumber Maki (one of my faves!), a Salmon Hand Roll and some Salmon Nigiri.


Once you’ve rolled your sushi, the staff will cut it up and box it ready for you to take home and enjoy. I felt so proud of myself for actually managing to make something so tasty! As well as our creations we also got to take home a professional sushi rolling mat and a guide to sushi making, so I’ll definitely be having another go at making it at home!

The classes cost £30 per person or £50 for two people and if you’re wanting to book you can do so online, or contact the restaurant. It was honestly so much fun and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go!

Have you done any kind of cooking workshops before? Let me know! x


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