A Visit to Escape Key – Review

Situated right next to St Andrew’s Church in Gallowgate, Escape Key is not only considered the best escape room in Newcastle but is also listed in the top 100 in the world!

Having never done an escape room before, I was so excited to be given the opportunity to visit with friends and see what all the fuss was about!


Escape Key
offers three, soon to be four, handcrafted escape experiences which are packed with innovative puzzles that are perfect for everyone, whether you’re a first time challenger or an escape room veteran. Each room also has a difficulty level so depending on how confident you are, you can try an easier one or jump straight in with a tougher one!

What’s really great about Escape Key is its ties to the North East’s heritage. The building overlooks a real witches’ burial ground and plague pits, which are a big inspiration for the rooms.

The current rooms that they have are Armageddon, Plague and Witch.


We decided to go for the Witch room which takes you back to the witch trials of 1650 when people were tried and hanged in Gallowgate. The idea is that you have to save an innocent victim and try to escape the Hangman’s noose!

Martin, our gamesmaster, greeted us on arrival and once we’d popped our belongings in the lockers provided and taken a seat, he began to explain what we could expect from the evening. I was slightly worried that we’d struggle and get stuck in the room, especially as none of us had any escape room experience, but Martin reassured us that he’d be watching our game and would give us a clue if it was needed! Once he’d gone through safety briefings and we’d asked any questions that we had, he then got into the explanation of the room, giving us the back story to the game via a short video. He then chose Adam to be the witch on trial (I knew he was a wrong’un!) and locked him up.

Jim, Jocelyn and myself then entered the room and the countdown began. You have an hour to free the prisoner, complete the puzzles and escape the room. For the first few minutes we were so nervous and just looking around wondering where to start or what to do!


The design of the room is incredible and you can see just how much love and effort has gone into making it a uniquely immersive experience. The decor, lighting and sound effects also really enhance the experience…and make you jump a little too!

The escape room was challenging but incredibly fun and the minute you start cracking the puzzles, you get such an adrenaline rush! We managed to escape the room with 8 minutes to spare, so we were cutting it fine, but we did it – thanks to some helpful hints from Martin, I must admit!

Prices range from £49 to £99 depending on how many of you are participating and which day you’re booking for.


We loved our experience and can’t wait to head back to try one of the other rooms!

You can find Escape Key at-
The Escape Key Ltd. 
60-62 St. Andrew’s Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Thank you to Escape Key and Podium who gifted us this experience in exchange for this honest review. 

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