Time for a Catch Up

So I have a question… WHERE has this year gone?!

I hate to be that person but seriously it’s November and it’s like I’ve blinked and missed the past few months. It’s actually quite scary. I wanted to do a little catch up on the blog as I feel like I haven’t had a good ole natter with you for a while. It’s been a month since my last post!

So what’s been happening…

Summer went so fast this year. I was away a lot either working at festivals or at them as a punter and it was awesome! I was meant to write about some of them, but maybe I’ll do that some other time…


September crept up out of nowhere and well, I became a student again! That’s right, I’m back at my old stomping ground of the University of Sunderland (I graduated there in 2015) doing my Masters in Public Relations. I’ve been so caught up with it all, especially this week, as I had my very first assignment hand in on Wednesday. I was so nervous whilst writing it – I’d completely forgotten how to write an academic and don’t even get me started on referencing (!!!) – but I managed and I’m pretty damn proud of myself. Also Adam took me for waffles and ice cream to celebrate and I’m hoping that becomes a regular thing after every hand in? There’s still plenty more work to be done over this next year though and actually, I’ve got another 2 assignments due in this month (frantically makes notes and writes an essay plan)


Blogging wise I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to some amazing events lately including the press event for the launch of this years Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar – which they gifted me too (I nearly cried)! I’m actually counting down the days til December to be able to open my beauty advent to count down the days til Christmas…


I feel like Uni has been the main thing happening in my life but just to finish this off-

I cut and dyed my hair.
I dressed up as Betty Cooper for Halloween.
I’ve been learning how to play chess.
I’ve booked my next tattoo for my Marvel sleeve.
I tried an Orange Twirl (10/10 it’s a yes from me) .
OH, and Adam and I celebrated one year together!


But yeah, I may not of done anything too fun and I may not have written in a while but I’m making a promise to myself to make time for my blogging going forward. If you want to keep up with me in the meantime though, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Catch you soon x

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