WiseWax Product Review!


After following each other on Instagram for a little while, the lovely Deborah from WiseWax got in touch and asked if I would like to review some of her amazing bath and body products. Being the kind of gal that I am and never one to turn down the excuse for a nice, relaxing bath I obviously said yes!

WiseWax is a Teesside based bath, body and home fragrance company who hand make cosmetics, wax melts and room sprays. Deborah is great at posting behind the scenes videos and photos of her at work on all products and you can see just how much time, effort and passion goes into it all which is just amazing.

I was super excited to become a Waxerella and try some products and I was sent a fab range to try including a shower fluff, karma soap sponge, bath bomb and some bath crumble!


I was so intrigued by the Karma Soap Sponge when I first saw it. It’s quite literally a sponge with soap attached which once you’ve wet lathers up on your skin. It’s great for exfoliating and leaves your skin feeling soft. Once you’ve finished using it make sure you put it to one side in order to dry ready to use again next time.

One little thing: I made the mistake of being a little bit too rough with my sponge at first and it felt a little bit scratchy so if you’ve got sensitive skin, don’t be heavy handed like me!

I very rarely get a chance to have a proper relaxing bath so when I do I like to go all out and the WiseWax bath crumble was just a perfect little treat. I tried the Mango Papaya which smells absolutely gorgeous and kept me smiling while I was so relaxed! To use it, all you need to do is take a handful and sprinkle it into warm water and watch it bubble up. You’ll know how bubbly you like your bath so just add more if needs be and make sure to agitate and swoosh the water to create even more! My skin also felt so soft afterwards as well. I was also gifted the Sleepy Bath Crumble which I didn’t get a chance to use just yet. I’m saving that for a nice little self care Sunday evening –  bubbles, music, candles, face mask… you know the kind of night!


I also treat myself to a nice bath using the bath bomb too which was lush. I’m like a child I get far too excited watching them fizz and make the water change colour – it’s magical! It’s amazing to see how hard Deborah works with the bath bombs on Instagram – some of them are so intricate and the detail that goes into them makes them look almost too good to use.


Finally my favourite product was the Blueberry Vanilla shower fluff which smelled SO GOOD I actually wanted to eat it!! It lathers up so perfectly when you use it and honestly left my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing. I’d definitely be up for buying more of that and trying other kinds too.

Overall I was well impressed with my WiseWax products and so thankful to Deborah for sending me a lovely little package to try out.

If you’re interested in checking out products and finding out when the online shop will be restocked, be sure to follow @wisewax on Instagram!

Aaaaand, relax x


**Full disclosure: I was kindly gifted these products in exchange for a blog post/review. x

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