Character Crush: Gob Bluth


If you follow my Twitter, you may have noticed a recurring theme these past few weeks with my tweets: my new found love for Will Arnett.

Having (finally) opened a Netflix account recently, I found myself binge watching a show that I’ve been meaning to for years… Arrested Development! Unsurprisingly, it only took 2 episodes for me to fall head over heels in love with the eldest sibling of the Bluth family, Gob.


Gob is arrogant, self-entitled but also incredibly insecure needing constant approval from everyone around him, which actually makes him extremely endearing. He’s one of those characters that you find yourself quoting and laughing about no matter where you are. I mean, I somehow ended up doing his legendary chicken dance in the middle of a bar last week, just because.  CO-CO-CA!

He’s involved in many of my favourite scenes of the show, and I’d never get sick of watching it over and over again purely because of him!

From his stripper pants to his huge mistakes, from songs with Franklin to his ‘illusions’… there’ll never be a man like George Oscar Bluth II.

*Cue The Final Countdown*



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