Baby Driver: Review


So I FINALLY got around to seeing Baby Driver, and well, WOW…

Ansel Elgort gives a stunning performance as the elusive Baby, a young and talented getaway driver whose skills behind the wheel find him coerced into working for crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) to pay off a debt.

Elgort’s character has a near-constant soundtrack to his everyday life, with a different iPod for each mood, day or job, to help drown out the constant ringing in his ears, which comes after a horrific childhood accident left him with a chronic case of tinnitus.

Baby is a sweet and innocent guy who has become a key part in a toxic world and dreams of getting away, especially when he meets local diner waitress Debora (Lily James), but constantly finds himself ‘one job away’ from being done.

He’s dragged in again for one final job with Doc and his associates: Bats (Jamie Foxx), Buddy (Jon Hamm) and Darling (Eliza Gonzàlez). As Baby goes along with the plan for this final heist, we see him craving his get-out more than ever, which leads him to reach almost breaking point… and chaos ensues.

baby driver - Image via Sony

Ansel Elgort as Baby // Image via Sony

Baby having tinnitus really allows the music to be right at the core of the film – in fact, it’s essentially a character in its own right. Each car chase and shoot out is precisely matched with whichever song Baby happens to be listening to, and I found it absolutely mesmerising to watch. Edgar Wright has fully outdone himself here – I honestly loved everything about this film.

The soundtrack has something for everyone, and is one of the key highlights of the film for me, alongside the cast. Elgort brings a real charm to Baby that allows you to become fully invested in his character. He’s such a likeable protagonist, and I found him so endearing! The chemistry between him and James as their relationship blossoms is heartwarming, and I really found myself rooting for them to get their happy ending.

I’ve been unbelievably excited about this film for quite some time, and it met my expectations literally as soon as it began. An opening sequence of a car chase so slick, and so perfectly choreographed, that my jaw actually dropped.

Baby Driver isn’t just a straight up car-chase thriller. It’s a violent action film, with the heart and soul of a musical and love story. It’s like no other film I’ve seen before. It’s entirely unique and a breath of fresh air, and I can’t wait to see it again.

The film is an exhilarating ride that you certainly won’t forget. Check it out in cinemas now!


Channeling my inner Baby before the drive home from the cinema. Really had to remind myself that I was NOT a stunt woman, and that speed limits exist…

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