Barbie x Missguided

I don’t know about you, but Barbie pretty much defined my childhood. I would spend hours and hours locked away in my room, dressing the dolls, making up stories, watching Barbie videos (remember Barbie and the Rockers?) and I absolutely lived for it! It was nearly every girls dream to be just like her.

It was just by chance, when I was shopping in Selfridges in Birmingham the other day, that I stumbled across the Missguided section…and their Barbie collection. As soon as I saw it, I was in absolute awe.


Photo: Missguided

The BARBIExMISSGUIDED collection was originally released last month and was so popular that it ALL sold out online within 24 hours.

Now if you missed out last time around, don’t worry – you have a second chance to shop!

There are some amazing pieces in the collection from t-shirts, to joggers, to oversized denim jackets, and the best thing is – they’re totally affordable.

I decided to treat myself to the ‘BYE KEN’ tee, because I could not stop giggling at how great the image on it was. I could have quite happily spent all of my money tbh…


‘Bye Ken’ t-shirt, only £18!

The collection SCREAMS girl power, and I just love it. Head to Missguided to check it out and treat yourself now!

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