25 Sexiest Men of 2017

I love December. It’s when everyone reflects on their favourite things of the year. I like to take this time to look through my saved photos and see which famous lads I’ve been swooning over for the past 12 months. Yep, #BurgessBuffBlokes is BACK for 2017, and it has been tough.

I’ve taken a leaf out of Dua Lipa’s book, and decided to give myself some rules.

1- In order to be featured, they must have done something this year.
2- Only 3 men from my 2016 list could make it again in 2017!

Like last year, I have put a LOT of thought into this…probably a little too much. But here we have my list of 25, and you might want to take a seat to read it, because swooning is inevitable.

Here we go…

25. Jeff Goldblum


Photo – Nino Munoz

Jeff is SUCH a silver fox isn’t he? I can’t wait for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom next year – I nearly passed out just seeing him in the trailer! BABE.

24. Mark Ruffalo


Photo – Mark’s Instagram

There should be a photograph of Mark Ruffalo under the word ‘cute’ in the dictionary. He’s like the original ‘boy next door’.

23. Alex Høgh Andersen


Photo – Benjo Arwas

I became proper obsessed with Vikings this year and I love Alex as Ivar the Boneless. He’s got proper evil eyes…in a good way.

22. Channing Tatum


Photo – Stuart Wilson

I’m pretty sure that I’ve fancied Channing Tatum for like, half of my life. He’s fit AND funny and let’s be honest, we’re all still hoping for a Magic Mike 3…

21. Adam Driver


Photo – Jason Bell

Is it possible to fancy a voice because I absolutely fancy his voice? I’m also incredibly thankful to Star Wars for the topless Kylo Ren scene in The Last Jedi. Prayers were heard and answered.

20. Cole Sprouse


Photo – Evaan Kheraj

I’m so glad that I found Riverdale this year. I’m also so glad that Cole is back in my life cause I proper fancied him in The Suite Life when I was a kid. #TeamCody

19. Luke Evans


Photo – Luke’s Instagram

I’m not even going to justify this with a reason. It’s self-explanatory. Just follow his Instagram.

18. Kyle MacLachlan


Photo – Peter Hapak

Truth time: I didn’t even watch all of Twin Peaks but HELLO. He’s one of those men who looks absolutely unbelievable in a suit, isn’t he? Hunreal.

17. Joe Keery


Photo – Aaron Feaver

‘I’ll have pancakes with a side of Keery please…’
Joe Keery is 10% man, 90% hair and BOY do I love that hair. All I want to do is run my hands through his quiff and give him a cuddle. He’s adorable and I LOVE HIM.

16. Jason Momoa


Photo – Jason’s Instagram

Long hair – CHECK
Facial hair – CHECK
Muscles – CHECK
Tattoos – CHECK
Sense of humour – CHECK
Do I need to go on?

15. John Boyega


Photo – Jason Bell

John Boyega has one of the most inviting faces. Do you know what I mean? Like, he’s got a lil twinkle in his eyes and a gorgeous smile that just makes me want to cry with happiness.

14. Tom Hiddleston


Photo – Nathaniel Goldberg

I mainly fancy Tom as Loki, and he was 100x more attractive than usual in Thor: Ragnarok. He’s so sexy! Also, after watching Kong: Skull Island earlier this year there’s not a week goes by where I don’t think about his arms in that vest.

13. Keanu Reeves


Photo – Rex / Shutterstock

Keanu Reeves is so damn gorgeous, and I was especially in love with him this year when he reprised his role as John Wick. Slicked back hair, sharp suits and that brooding stare. HUBBA HUBBA.

12. Domhnall Gleeson


Photo – Jason Bell

Domhnall is so classically handsome. He also looks like he’s hiding a massive secret, and I really want to know what it is…

11. Chris Pine


Photo – Blair Getz Mezibov

Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous smile, gorgeous voice… GORGEOUS MAN.

10. Ryan Gosling


Photo – Craig McDean

Ryan Gosling was already the ultimate heartthrob, then he did La La Land and I fell in love with him even more which I didn’t even think was possible. Understandably, he’s the first of three to make it into the list from last year!

9. Aidan Gillen


Photo – Matt Holyoak

Y’all gonna be out there questioning this one I just know it, but I’m gonna let the haters hate. I fancy Littlefinger. GET OVER IT.

8. Oscar Isaac


Photo – Jason Bell

Oscar Isaac is the kinda bloke that if he glanced over at me, I’d fall to the floor. He’s a God amongst men. Heart eyes emoji x1000.

7. Cillian Murphy


Photo – John Balsom

Cillian is the second returning heartthrob from my 2016 list, and it’s pretty obvious why, right? Those eyes, those cheekbones…*swoons*

6. Skeet Ulrich


Photo – Skeet’s Instagram

FP JONES. As soon as I saw Riverdale I fell in love with him. I’d gladly join the Serpents and be his old lady!

5. Armie Hammer


Photo – Peggy Sirota

I always think of Armie Hammer as the living embodiment of a Ken doll. He’s just so flawless! I could get lost in his eyes…

4. Jonny Lee Miller


Photo – Jonny’s Instagram

The return of Sickboy in January made all of my dreams come true, not to mention Jonny as Sherlock in Elementary. Love, love, LOVE.

3. KJ Apa


Photo – Doug Inglish

KJ is like that lad ya fancied in school who you always hoped and prayed you’d get paired up with in class, and when you finally did he’d spend the whole lesson telling you jokes and making you laugh, then you and your mates would talk about it every lunch break for two weeks straight and you’d be secretly convinced that you’d end up together and he’d be the question marks at the end of ‘[your name] loves ???’ on your msn.

Yeah, you get the picture.

2. Chris Hemsworth


Photo – Doug Inglish

The third and final returning fella from the 2016 list – Chris bloody Hemsworth. He’s an absolute beefcake. A 100% prime Australian beefcake.

1. Jesse Williams


Photo – Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Remember that feeling you’d get when you were a kid and you’d go downstairs on Christmas morning and see that Santa had been? That’s the feeling I get when I see a photo of Jesse Williams. I became OBSESSED with Grey’s Anatomy this year, and I’m so glad otherwise I’d have still been going about my everyday business not knowing who this dashing, gorgeous, handsome man was! He’s got such beautiful eyes, and his voice is so divine he could read the yellow pages to me and I wouldn’t get sick of it.

So there we have it, my Burgess’ Buff Blokes list for 2017!

Who’d make your list?

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