Last week, Manchester based artist Jsky released his brand new single and I can tell you now, it’s so damn catchy… I’ve had it on repeat!

DUYEMPAW4AA3piq.jpg large

Produced by house legend Damon Hess, ‘Myself’ boasts an infectious beat and is built upon a series of mantra’s and positive affirmations that screams out, quite literally, to be in love with yourself. If you’re still trying to wipe away the January blues, then wrap your ears around this and have a dance. I can 100% confirm that it will put a smile on your face!

Whilst chatting about the song, Jsky said “self love is not selfish, it is self-full…because when you fill yourself first anything that overflows is for others…”

Jsky Live

Jsky live at ‘Myself’ single launch // Photo – Carl Sukonik

The single is his first independent release on Records and is available to buy now!

“Stronger like a lion, like a phoenix I am rising, like a diamond I am shining…”

You can follow Jsky on Twitter and give a like on Facebook.


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