Photography Masterclass with Viking Office Supplies

If there’s one thing that I’m not necessarily confident about when it comes to my blogging, it’s my photography.

At the moment I use my iPhone as a camera at events, and I always worry that my photos might not be good enough to post. Luckily I was invited along to the Viking Photography Masterclass at The Botanist, Newcastle, and was able to pick up some handy tips in order to improve my skills!


The masterclass was led by expert photographer Elouisa Georgiou who, over the course of the evening, gave us plenty of advice on how to up our photography game by looking at lighting, product photography and ways to get creative with out portraits!

Some Top Tips From Elouisa:


  • Natural light is your best friend! To get the best from the natural light, turn off or block out any other lights around you.
  • Use natural reflectors in the room like white, light or shiny surfaces. Plain pieces of paper or foam boards also work well to help bounce light.
  • If the lighting is too harsh, use a clear curtain or thin sheet to diffuse the lighting.

Creating Portraits

  • Use the likes of prisms, glasses, bottles, windows or even the reflection from a mobile phone screen to create interesting creative images.
  • Experiment with holding items at different distances over the lens to create interesting flashes of light and blurs.


Flat Lay Photography

  • If you have a tripod for your camera or phone, use it. This will help keep a steady image!
  • Placing items close together isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Big spaces in between items aren’t always aesthetically pleasing.
  • Don’t be afraid to go outside of the frame. It can look quite cool having subject matters half in the shot, and half out. There are no rules!

Food and Product Photography

  • Practice using the 3 ‘magic angles’ – straight on, 45 degrees and bird’s eye flat lay.
  • Use bounce boards, menus or paper to create light and shadow where you want and don’t want it.
  • Use accessories to decorate the image, but try not to make it overly busy to draw focus away from the dish.

I took a photo of the lovely Tasha Steel, aka Hello Freckles

We got a chance to put our new skills into practice inside The Botanist, and on the terrace which was really great. My favourite moment was experimenting with the prism! I was definitely getting frustrated whilst trying to get the hang of it, but it was so much fun and I created some rather cool portraits. I think I’ll definitely be investing in one! It was also really good to practice flat lay and product photography too.


Sneaky shot of me trying to use the prism, thanks to one of the Viking girls! 

After spending time at the masterclass and testing out my new skills, I feel excited about trying out new techniques and experimenting more with my photography in the future when it comes to my blogging…and in general! I also definitely feel more confident and ready to stop doubting myself with the photos that I take. If you’d like to see the photos that I do share, you can follow me on Instagram – @lonewolf_burgess

Thanks so much to Viking for inviting me along, and to Elouisa for sharing her expertise! I had such a wonderful evening. Oh, and thank you to The Botanist for looking after us with delicious food and drinks!



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