Cooking Up A (Pizza)Storm!

PizzaStorm is one of my favourite spots to visit in Newcastle for scran. Residing in Intu Eldon Square, the restaurant is super affordable (and fast!) with pizza’s starting from £6.55! You can choose one of their signature pizza’s from the menu, like Loaded Cheese Feast or Smokey BBQ Chicken, or you can create your own.


I was invited along to the restaurant to step behind the counter and learn how to make my own pizza, which was so much fun. The lovely James was on hand to show me the ropes and assist me with my creation, and boy did I need his assistance!


Before we got stuck in, it was time to get suited and booted… aka I washed my hands, put on some gloves and got myself into a PizzaStorm apron! Once I was ready, it was time to start with the dough. With James’ help I rolled the dough into a ball, oiled the plate, placed the dough in the middle and pressed down the machine to flatten the base!


After taking a minute or so to flatten the dough and perfect it, it was time to swap gloves and move onto the sauce and toppings…and bloody hell there are so many to choose from! First of all, the sauce – you can choose from white, bbq, spicy tomato or classic tomato. I went for the normal tomato…it’s ‘classic’ for a reason, right?

Next up – the cheese. If you’re Vegan, you’ll be happy to know that they also do a dairy free cheese! I chose cheddar cheese first, and sprinkled it all across my base in a Salt Bae fashion, then added some mozzarella balls to make it extra cheesy.

Once the cheese was on, we swapped our gloves for a final time and moved onto the veg and meats. If I’m being honest I could have picked so many toppings, but I managed to hold myself back, slightly. I decided on sweetcorn and mushrooms, sprinkling and spacing them out, then added some ham and salami.


We took the pizza over to the oven and popped it in. Did you know that it only takes them around 3 minutes to cook?! Once it was finished, James helped me take the pizza out and placed it on a plate for me to slice…then it was time to enjoy!


I was so pleased with my creation and, obviously, cleared my whole plate. The pizza’s are so delicious, and if you haven’t been – I’d definitely recommend you get yourself along! If you head over before the 30th August, you can take part in their Instant Win competition which gives you a chance to win anything from a tasty side of Mac and Cheese to a whopping £1k!

You can find PizzaStorm at:
Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 7JB

Tel: 0191 230 3819

Opening Hours: 
Mon-Fri: 12PM-8PM
Sat: 11AM-10PM
Sun: 11AM-8PM

Thank you to the whole PizzaStorm team for a wonderful evening! 

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