The Rabbit Hole – Durham

A new hidden gem has opened its doors in Durham, and it’s nothing like anywhere you’ve been before.

Located on Hallgarth Street, The Rabbit Hole may look like a ramshackle antique shop but once you make your way through its speakeasy style side door, just off Mavin Street, you’re transported back to a bygone era of decadence and indulgence.

The Rabbit Hole is an opulent 1920’s Shanghai inspired supper club which is dimly lit, decked out with soft lavish furnishings and has a real sense of elegance and sophistication. I was invited along to the beautiful bar and restaurant for their VIP launch party and was completely in awe of my surroundings as soon as I stepped through the door.

On arrival we were greeted by one of the lovely hostess’ who took us straight to the bar in the drinking den to grab a glass of wine.


It’s an intimate affair and with the luxurious decor, secret doorways and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, you really feel part of something special and exclusive.

We made our way upstairs and sat ourselves down at a cosy, candlelit table for two next to a mirrored wall. We were also lucky enough to be placed right in front of the stage which is a real focal point for the bar, offering regular live jazz performances. For someone like myself who loves films, all I could think of while I was sat there sipping my drink and listening to the music was La La Land! I was expecting *cough* PRAYING for Ryan Gosling to appear at any moment…


Thankfully you’re able to enjoy the wonderful jazz performances without any interruptions of phones ringing as The Rabbit Hole is a digital detox zone. Yep it’s considered a place of relaxation so, as stated in the house rules, phones must remain on silent so that all guests can have the optimal experience. Another rule states that you must be wearing the appropriate attire – so no sportswear or scruffy tshirts allowed!

Throughout the evening, servers did their rounds of the restaurant offering tasters from the menu, which is part Oriental, part grill, including delicious dim sum, satay spiced chicken, and crab and prawn toast. The food was absolutely divine, and after looking at the full menu (which lights up as you open it!) I can’t wait to return for a full dining experience.



The Rabbit Hole really is a place like no other so if you’re looking for a unique dining experience, or feel like getting dolled up and channeling your inner Mia and Sebastian, then this is the perfect place for you. I thoroughly enjoyed my evening there and can’t wait to return!

For more information on The Rabbit Hole and to contact them for reservations, visit their website here.

Are you planning a visit? Let me know what you think! xo

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