25 Sexiest Men of 2018

Happy New Year guys and gals! 2019 already, can you believe it?

I’m a little late on my reflection posts as I’ve had a lot on with work over the last couple of weeks, but I am here and ready to get them posted – starting with the most important one…Burgess’ Buff Blokes for 2018!

If you’re unfamiliar with this, it’s pretty easy to explain…

I put together a list of my top 25 fit fellas of the past year!

There are rules though…

1 – In order to be featured, they must have done something this year.
2 – Only 3 men from my 2017 list can make it into the 2018 list.

Once again, it’s been preeeeetty tough. I swear I’ve put more effort into this than I did my dissertation but hey, it’s important!

Anyway, enough of me waffling on. Here I give you my #BurgessBuffBlokes2018!

25. John Krasinski


Photo – Sami Drasin 

I never saw the attraction with John until I saw him in A Quiet Place. I believe the words I used to describe him were ‘HUBBA HUBBA’.

24. Benicio Del Toro


Photo – Richard Foreman

Like, I don’t even know if I actually find him that attractive but there’s something about him that I’m like OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS I LOVE YOUUUUUUU

23. Ryan Reynolds


Photo – Guy Aroch

Obviously Ryan is fit but tbf I think his humour makes him the 11/10 that he is.

22. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 


Photo – Getty Images

He’s funny, he’s fit, he’s got an unreal smile and if he hugged you he would probably break you but I think I’d be ok with that??

21. Tom Hardy


Photo – Greg Williams 

TOM. IS. A. GOD. The end.

20. Chadwick Boseman


Photo – Melodie McDaniel


Beautiful eyes – check.
Beautiful smile – check.
Beautiful voice – check.
Beautiful soul – check.


19. Miles Kane


Photo – James Kelly

Wor Miles is a right cheeky chap isn’t he? And that makes him proper sexy. As do the suits he wears. And his music is class which is, obviously, a bonus.

18. Timothée Chalamet 


Photo – Ryan McGinley

I think Timothée was possibly one of my favourite people in general in 2018. I love how passionate he gets about stuff when he’s being interviewed, like he’s adorable. SO ADORABLE. Also, shall I even bring up that final scene in Call Me By Your Name?? Omg. My heart broke for him and I just wanted to cuddle him forever. He’s so cute.

17. Jeremy Renner


Photo – Eric Michael Roy

I’ve always had a right ole crush on Jeremy Renner but he proper caught my attention in Tag last year. Big fan of his hair and face.

16. Paul Rudd


Photo – Matthew Brookes

Paul Rudd is ageing like a fine wine that I could drink all day long, and I don’t even really like wine that much. Delicious.

15. Will Arnett


Photo – Greg Doherty

He’s funny, he’s fit but ya know what I find most attractive about him? His voice! Like it’s so sexy especially when he’s voicing BoJack. Is that weird? It’s weird isn’t it? I’m basically saying I fancy a cartoon horse. Oh god.


14. Henry Golding


Photo – Pari Dukovic

If I could ask *cough* A Simple Favour, it would be for someone to set me up with Henry Golding. HELLO.

Side note: I think I love this shirt more than anything in the world?

13. Noah Centineo


Photo – Kat Wirsing

7 words – To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
2 words – Peter Kavinsky
1 word – FIT

12. Jason Momoa


Photo – Koury Angelo

Jason is my first of the 3 who also appeared in last years list but HAWAY MAN, did you SEE Aquaman???

*insert heart eyes emoji x100000 here*

11. Rami Malek


Photo – Peggy Sirota

Aye we can talk about how talented Rami is and how class he was as Freddie Mercury, or we can talk about the fact that his eyes tell a secret and I really want to know what that secret is…

Tell me Rami. TELL MEEEEEEE…

10. Taron Egerton


Photo – Getty Images

I refuse to even justify this with a comment.

Ok I will say one thing… GORGEOUS BOY.

9. Jon Hamm


Photo – Marc Hom

Jon Hamm is like, effortlessly sexy isn’t he? Like he could literally walk down the street wearing a bin bag and I’d want to ask him for his number. What’s all that about??

8. KJ Apa


Photo – KJ’s Instagram

The second of my 3 from last years list. Do you watch Riverdale? If not WHY NOT? KJ spends 99.9% of his time topless and it’s honestly magical.

Side note: WHO TF IS THE GARGOYLE KING?!?!?!?!?!?!

7. Finn Balor


Photo – Mike Segobia

Abs, abs and more abs. And thighs. And more abs. And his lil smile. And he’s IRISH.

Oh, and ABS.

6. Rob Damiani


Photo – Chady Awad

Rob is like that lad that you see every weekend when you’re on a night out and he’s always surrounded by his mates and girls are always throwing themselves at him and you’re just like stood there at the bar sipping on ya cocktail, gazing at him longingly imagining what your wedding would be like and what you’d call your kids but you know that he’s too attractive for you so you just follow him on all social medias and like every single photo that he puts up…

Ya know?

Seriously though, do yourself a favour and follow his Instagram…

5. Chris Hemsworth


Photo – Alasdair McLellan

FUN FACT: Chris Hemsworth has actually appeared in every BurgessBuffBlokes list that I’ve done, which obviously makes him the final of my 3 from 2017. Ya know what as well, I reckon he’ll make it into me 2019 list as well. And 2020… Guys I love him so much that I got his FACE tattooed on me last year man.

How good/sexy was he in Infinity War man? God I love him.

4. Chris Evans


Photo – Mark Segal

Ok so Chris Evans is like, the sweetest man in the world isn’t he? He’s the kind of bloke who if you said you were having a bad day he’d show up 20 minutes later at your door with your favourite takeaway, chocolate, wine and snuggle you til everything was ok again.

* cries into pillow wishing this could happen *

3. Sebastian Stan


Photo – Steven Pan

I know what you’re thinking – ‘she didn’t put Sebastian Stan as her number one?!’

Well I didn’t want to be that predictable so here he is at number 3! I’m pretty sure 90% of my camera roll is photos of Sebastian from different magazine shoots and film stills and omg like, he’s just so gorgeous.

Side note: Sebastian Stan did so many amazing photoshoots in 2018 that it took me an hour and 50 minutes to decide on a photo for this post because I got sidetracked and just kept looking at him and practically crying.

Another side note: I met him at Comic Con last year and it was the greatest moment of my life.

* cries *

2. Richard Madden


Photo – Matthew Brookes


1. Bradley Cooper


Photo – Peter Lindbergh


Yep, Bradley Cooper is my number one for 2018 and well, can you blame me?! After watching him in A Star Is Born I completely fell in love with him. His singing, playing guitar, his facial hair, his hair in general, his smile, his EYES…oh my. He’s so charismatic and looks bloody gorgeous in a suit as well.

He’s also another one whose voice I find attractive and I especially love him as Rocket in Guardians/Avengers. This is becoming an issue, isn’t it?

ANYWAY, thanks for taking the time to swoon over my list. Tell me, who’d be your number one??

Alex x

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