Inflata Nation Launch!

I don’t know about you but when I was a kid I absolutely LOVED soft play areas and ball parks. I remember when I was a little too old to play in them, I’d still go along with my younger cousins and pretend I was ‘looking after them’ in order to go in and have a turn myself!

When I got the email inviting me along to the VIP launch of Inflata Nation in North Shields my eyes lit up. An indoor inflatable theme park for children AND adults?! Count me in!


I headed along to the launch night with Adam, and honestly I don’t think he’s ever been so excited to go to an event with me than he was for this one.

The 20,000 square ft inflatable theme park has opened it’s doors at the Royal Quays and boasts so many exciting features inside the building such as a giant ramp slide, an obstacle course, a Total Wipeout ball zone, multi-lane slides and so much more!

Once we arrived we watched a little health and safety video, popped our shoes and belongings in the locker and then away we were! Trying to keep up with Adam was impossible as he was bouncing around the place like Tigger. I kept bouncing and falling over which was hilarious. Diving into the ball park was super fun and, me being me, I channelled my inner Sheldon Cooper and kept shouting BAZINGA whenever I popped up from underneath the mountain of purple balls!


The obstacle course was brilliant and Adam and I injected a little bit of competition into our time there and raced each other round it. Obviously he won, obviously I was furious! I’ll have to challenge him again next time…

Speaking of challenges, as well as the obstacle course you can also battle against each other in the gladiator duel!


Inflata Nation has already taken off in cities such as Manchester and Glasgow, and I’m so glad they’ve opened one in the North East. We had loads of fun at the launch night, so much so that we ended up taking my whole family on Easter Monday when they all visited…and they LOVED it!


To find out more about Inflata Nation and to book up, check out their website.

Thank you again to the team for having us down – I can’t wait to return! x

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