September Shopping Treats!

Summer has been absolutely wonderful this year and I love the sun, but autumn is my favourite season…and it’s fast approaching!

I’ve been curled up at night keeping warm re-watching Gossip Girl since I returned from my holiday last week, and it’s inspired me to dress better. To channel my inner Blair and Serena, learn to accessorise, and to be braver with my styling. Plus, what better way to see in the new season than to change up your wardrobe, right?

I decided to hit up Zara and River Island on my spree, and boy did I find some laaaavly treats! I’ve never shopped in Zara before. If I’m being honest I’ve always been too nervous to go in. As a bigger girl, I’ve often been worried about not finding clothes to fit me…but that wasn’t an issue at all!

I went on a night out in Birmingham this weekend and decided to dress myself in some of my new clobber. I totally love my new outfit and felt super comfortable in myself. Check out the items below!

Trousers – Zara // £25.99
Jumper – River Island // £36.00
Shoes – River Island // £32.00


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