10 Years of Gossip Girl: Top 10 Episodes


Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattans elite…

It’s been a decade since the show began, and I still get shivers when I hear that line. Gossip Girl took over my life as a teen, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. I mean, I say as a teen but I’ve never really gotten over it. I’ve re-watched the series in full every year since it finished, sometimes more than once. I go through phases of dressing like Blair Waldorf, I daydream about what it would be like to live on the Upper East Side, aaand… I fall in love with Chuck Bass every. Single. Time.


I’ve recently binge watched it for the 182938th time and decided that, as it’s the 10-year anniversary, I’d like to do a series of Gossip Girl posts.

This first one is my top 10 episodes!

Choosing this has been preeeeetty hard but after a few days deliberating, I have finally decided. Here goes…

10 – Season 3, Episode 12: The Debarted

I like this episode, because I like that it’s quite dark for Gossip Girl. It’s the anniversary of Bart’s death, and Chuck keeps seeing him everywhere and having hallucinatory conversations with him. Serena has run off with Trip, who turns out to be the absolute douche that we all knew he would be after he lies about seeing Maureen, then crashes the car and leaves Serena for dead. Everyone rushes to her side, including Nate, who punches his cousin then stays with Serena all night.

When he finds out about Serena, Chuck heads straight to the hospital to see how she is. It’s so sad seeing him wrestle with his feelings towards Bart’s death, but he shares such a beautiful moment with Blair in the hospital corridors and when she says ‘You carry people. You carry me. You’re becoming a man in a way that your father never was’ …I well up.


9 – Season 5, Episode 10: Riding in Town Cars with Boys

This episode is full of drama, touching and down right horrifying.

Blair is pregnant, and Louis is the father, but all she can think about is whether she should choose to be with Chuck instead. What’s sad is the fact that she’s telling all of this to her new pal Dan, who is absolutely besotted with her. Dan being the guy that he is, says that he knows what will make her happy so takes her to Charlie Rhodes’ party (fake Charlie that is, because she’s actually Ivy) and leads her into a private room, later sending Chuck in too.

While this is all happening, Nate has his own Van der Bilt family drama after SURPRISE SURPRISE Trip is being a douche AGAIN and lying to Nate to cause a rift between him and his Grandfather. Charlie/Ivy is having a bit of a mare too because her ex, Max, is threatening to tell everyone who she really is, so to cause a bit of drama she sends a GG blast to say that Blair is at the party, which sends the paparazzi crazy. Trip and Max meet each other and after deciding they’re sick of being pushed around, agree to help each other out.

After the blast Nate, Chuck and Blair leave through the back and leave in separate cars (the wrong cars) which then ultimately leads to the paps chasing C & B, and them crashing.


Everyone rushes to the hospital, and Serena blames Gossip Girl for all of this. She decides that she wants to take her down, and Nate says that she can use The Spectator to do so.

This episode devastated me, especially when Lily comes out to tell people that Blair is responsive but when Serena asks about Chuck…she just cries.

Let’s not forget that we then return to Diana who receives a call from Jack Bass of all people, who says there’s been an accident. She asks if it’s bad, and he says he wouldn’t have called if it weren’t. OOOOOH…

8 – Season 1, Episode 17: Woman on the Verge

It aaaaall happens in this episode!

Serena has just previously confessed to Blair that she killed a man, then ran off and reappears absolutely off her face. Blair calls in Chuck and Nate for help and the whole story of Pete Fairman comes out. Serena doesn’t want Dan to know all about her past, so when he comes looking for her, says that she has cheated on him so that he leaves her alone. SAD FACE. This pushes Dan into Sarah’s arms, who we know is actually Georgina, and they kiss, which I hate.

It’s also the night before Lily and Bart’s wedding, and Lily is running all around trying to sort this mess with Serena and ends up at a Lincoln Hawk concert. This is my favourite bit about this episode because Rufus sings ‘Everytime’ and it’s the best damn song EVER.


7 – Season 5, Episode 13: G.G.

This is the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and is an absolute corker!

It’s Blair and Louis’ wedding day and obviously it’s filled with drama. Georgina is back in town and wants to ruin Blair’s big day so heads along to the wedding and plans her sabotage.

Whilst everyone is getting ready for the wedding, Eleanor heads to find Chuck. She says that she wants Blair to be happy and convinces him to go with her. He does and once at the wedding, begs Blair not to marry Louis. She tells him that she loves him, but says that she’s going to go through with the ceremony.


It turns out that Georgina has been filming the whole conversation, and once it’s over, she throws the tape to Chuck and ominously asks what would happen if Louis sees the video. In true Gossip Girl fashion, the video gets sent as a blast during the ceremony, and Blair blames Chuck, but he denies sending it.

Louis accepts Blair’s apologies and the two get hitched. At the reception they share their dance and Blair is so happy that she got her fairytale ending BUUUUUUT she didn’t. Prince Louis says that there is nothing between them now but a contract, that their marriage is just business, and that she better put on the best damn show possible in front of the cameras.

Blair is devastated and calls Humphrey for help, who turns up in the ‘Just Married’ car like a knight in shining armour.

Oh, and lets not forget at the end of this episode, GEORGINA is revealed to be Gossip Girl!


6 – Season 2, Episode 13: O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

This is another upsetting episode, because we see Chuck on a downward spiral after Bart’s death. He goes off the rails on the day of his funeral, and lashes out at everyone who loves him including Lily and Blair.

I also get sad because after shipping Rufus and Lily for so long, you think it’s going to happen…until Cece tells Rufus Lily’s big secret that they have a child together. Instead of heading away for the holidays like planned, Rufus goes to meet Lily at Grand Central and is livid with her. He also tells Dan that they’ll never be together. BIG SAD FACE.

The bit that devastates me the most in this episode is the relationship between Chuck and Blair. She tells him that she loves him, and he leaves her crying on the sidewalk. Later on he heads to see Blair crying and they fall asleep. She wakes up to find that he has gone, and leaves a note saying that he is sorry, that Blair deserves better, and that she shouldn’t go looking for him. There’s some really great acting from Ed Westwick in this episode. He breaks my heart.

The use of Bloc Party ‘Signs’ and The National ‘Slow Show’ also has me in tears, I mean haway man 😥


5 – Season 4, Episode 22: The Wrong Goodbye

As far as season finales go in GG, this one is pretty damn good.

Russell Thorpe is foaming with Chuck, so takes Blair hostage and is threatening to set the building on fire. She manages to call Chuck, who along with Thorpe’s daughter, Raina, and Nate, head along to save her. Once they’re all out, Chuck apologises to Blair and before she heads back to the party to find Louis, she agrees to go for a drink with him. In true ‘Chair’ style, they end up having fun at a Bar Mitzvah and have sex.

They head back to the Constance Billard party to find Louis, as Blair says that she will tell him it’s over between them, but instead Chuck gives them his blessing to get married. When Blair asks why, he says that all he wants is for her to be happy and that Louis gives her that. There’s also loads of ‘Charlie’ drama at the party but it kind of annoys me so I’m going to skip past that bit and speak about the more important issues in the episode…



Photo // The CW

Throughout this season we’ve witnessed a kind of friendship blossom between Blair and Dan, so when she heads off to spend the summer in Monaco with Louis, she tells him that they can link their Netflix queues and still watch movies together. CUTE.

SPEAKING OF DAN – Vanessa reads his book ‘Inside’ and tells him to basically grow a pair and publish it, but he says that he just can’t do it. She takes it behind his back, gets it published and gets the cheques sent to her in Barcelona because there’s nothing keeping her in New York. BYE VANESSA, FINALLY!

There’s a nice little cliffhanger too, when Dorota is clearing out Serena and Blair’s rubbish, she finds a positive pregnancy test!

4 – Season 1, Episode 10: Hi, Society

This is the first time we see Cece and she causes QUITE the stir, but I immediately love her because she invites Carter Baizen to cotillion with Serena and I’m all for Sebastian Stan being on my screen as much as possible, especially when he’s looking slick in a suit.


I really love the glitz and glam of cotillion, and that beautiful gold dress Serena wears gives me serious fashion envy. I also absolutely LOVE that iconic kissing scene between her and Dan. Proper lovely.

It aaaall kicks off with Blair and her little love triangle, too. She’s had a bit of a thing with Chuck since he took her virginity (which I’ma get to later), but agrees to go to cotillion as Nate’s date as friends. Chuck is jealous and tries to sabotage it for her, which angers her and pushes her straight back into Nate’s arms and the two sleep together for the first time.

The use of Timbaland ‘Apologize’ gives this episode massive bonus points too.

3 – Season 2, Episode 10: Bonfire of the Vanity

I honestly think my favourite thing about this episode is that we meet Eleanor’s new beau, Cyrus Rose. WHAT A GUY. Just on a side note I feel like there was ‘not enough’ of him in the series over all. He’s easily one of my fave characters.

ANYWAY, it’s Blair’s 18th birthday and Cyrus surprises her by inviting her idol, Cyndi Lauper, to her party. She doesn’t like him at first, tries to do some classic Waldorf scheming, but it turns out he’s quite the schemer himself and they get on in the end.


Photo // The CW

Jenny has moved out of the loft and in with crazy model Agnes at this point, and they’re trying to set up their clothing line together but Agnes keeps going absolutely APE at potential investors and ruins everything, especially when she properly loses it and sets Lil J’s dresses on fire.

What really stands out for me in this episode as well, and why it is in my top 3, is the way we see Chuck and his relationship with Bart. I really see Chuck as a boy in this episode – there’s even something about the way he is dressed that makes him seem young. He’s desperately longing for his father’s affection, trying to spend time with him, bond over hockey, but just keeps getting knocked back, and that really upsets me.

Dan starts meeting with Bart with the agenda of writing an exposé on him, but Chuck finds out and puts a stop to it. Dan is a good guy and doesn’t write the piece, instead he sends Bart the piece he wrote about Chuck after finding out that he thinks he killed his mother. Bart reads the story, and speaks to Chuck and says that he wants to spend time with his son. It’s a real heartwarming moment, and makes what is to come in the next few episodes even sadder.

2 – Season 3, Episode 22: Last Tango, Then Paris

I remember plain as day watching this jaw-dropping finale. I also remember CRYING MY HEART OUT and being inconsolable for days.

In the previous episode, Chuck gives Blair an ultimatum: he tells her that he’ll be waiting on top of the Empire State Building for her and if she doesn’t show, at 7.01pm he’ll close his heart to her forever. So Blair is trying to fight it until she realises that of course she is still in love with him and wants to go meet him…but Dorota’s water breaks! She rushes to the hospital with her then Dorota tells her to make it to Chuck. She rushes off but sadly she doesn’t get there on time.

Chuck, thinking that Blair doesn’t love him, heads back to get drunk at the hotel and Lil Jenny Humphrey shows up being all miserable because she’s an absolute bitch. She decides that she doesn’t want to be alone and swipes her V card with Chuck… ONLY FOR BLAIR TO TURN UP AND EXPLAIN WHAT HAS HAPPENED, OMG.

They head along to the hospital, and Chuck is about to propose to Blair when Dan, after finding out what has just happened, comes and punches him straight in the face and makes him tell her what has happened. Queue a crying Jenny, an angry Dan, a sad Chuck…and a devastated Blair. This breaks my damn heart, guys. Blair banishes Lil J from NY too, so off she heads to stay with Allison in Hudson.


While this is all been happening we’ve got my other fave couple, Dan and Serena, having issues after they shared a smooch – even though he’s supposed to be with Vanessa, and she’s supposed to be with Nate. Nate finds out after Jenny snaps a photo, and he’s obviously foaming, so decides he’ll spend the summer working through Chuck’s little black book. He also emails the photo to Vanessa while she’s away so she knows what wor Lonely Boy isn’t so lonely without her.

Serena decides to go to Paris with Blair because they’ve both never been single together, and want a lovely summer of fun. Dan finds out, and is about to make a grand romantic gesture by booking a flight butttt who turns up and ruins the moment? Georgina of course! She’s been in a blonde wig, sneaking around and asking people for help all throughout the episode but no one has time for her so she ends up at the loft and tells Dan she has something of his… A BABY. Dum, dum dummmmm.

Even then, that’s not the biggest cliffhanger of the series. Chuck is absolutely heartbroken and has wound up in Prague (obviously, he’s Chuck Bass) and he’s stumbling around mortal, when two guys come up to him and try to rob him. He’s happy to give them anything, just not the ring. NOT THE RING. He’s clinging onto it for dear life then BANG.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so in shock at a season finale, it just completely broke me. Crikey, I still ball my eyes out when I re-watch the series now!

That final line from Gossip Girl too – ‘But if we hold onto the past too tight, the future may never come… til death do us part xoxo, Gossip Girl’

1 – Season 1, Episode 7: Victor / Victrola

This is just a great episode from start to finish, and my favourite. There’s a lot going on, and there’s a big focus on relationships.

Dan and Serena are getting pretty serious now, and they’re ready to seal the deal. She doesn’t see it as such a big deal (obviously, she’s SVW) but Dan being such a sweetheart is getting a bit nervous and wants it to basically be perfect. So with advice from Vanessa, gets new sheets and hides Cedric the doll. Nicely done, Dan.


There’s a lot of father/son stuff going on in this episode too. With Chuck, he’s desperately trying to impress Bart by buying a club, Victrola. With Nate, Anne Archibald finds drugs in their home and blames it on him, only for Nate to find out that they actually belong to the Captain.

The Archibalds and the Waldorfs have dinner together, to celebrate a business deal between the Captain and Eleanor. He heads outside with his father and speaks to him about his drug problem, but he punches Nate and the police get involved.

Blair and Nate are together at this point, but break up when she finds out that he is still in love with Serena. After all of the drama of the night she heads off to Victrola to see Chuck and let loose. She ends up getting on stage after Chuck says that he doesn’t think she would, and does burlesque. Let’s also not forget that infamous limo scene where Blair loses her virginity to Chuck!!

This episode really cements Blair as my favourite character because we see a different side to her, away from that prim and proper appearance in the first few episodes. It’s also the start of a wonderful, dramatic and at times, heartbreaking, relationship between Chuck and Blair.


So, what have been your favourite episodes? Let me know!


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