Forget Diamonds, Thorntons Pearls Are A Girls Best Friend!

They say diamonds are a girls best friend but you know what I love? Pearls!

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to buy me diamonds I’m absolutely fine with that (wink, wink) but I’ve always been drawn to pearls. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m a June baby and they’re one of our birthstones! I got a beautiful pearl ring for my 21st birthday and it’s nearly always on my finger.

Pearls are making a comeback for 2019 and are one of the must-have accessories of the year. I mean did you SEE Harry Styles rocking that pearl earring at the Met Gala? Amazing. They’ve always been considered a luxury and with that in mind, Thorntons have introduced their take on the timeless classic with their brand new chocolates, Thorntons Pearls!

There are two types – Salted Caramel and Nutty Crunch. I was very kindly gifted a pack of the Salted Caramel Pearls and my goodness, they really are luxurious. A smooth, milk chocolate shell which when you bite into, oozes a rich and gooey caramel centre flavoured with a hint of sea salt. My mouth is actually watering while I’m typing this post! They’re so tasty. I’m a huge hazelnut fan too, so I’ll definitely be giving the Nutty Crunch ones a try at some point.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped which means they’re perfect for sharing, so if you’re maybe having friends round for a nice evening/dinner party, you’d definitely end the night on a high with a box of these.

To mark the launch of the new luxury chocolates, Thorntons worked with celebrity stylist Nisha Grewal to recreate some of the most iconic images featuring pearls, but this time – the accessories are all made from chocolate! The iconic looks that were recreated included Rihanna’s vintage Chanel sunglasses ensemble, Princess Diana’s signature sapphire and pearl set and, of course, Marilyn Monroe in her pearl earrings.

Thorntons Pearls - Marilyn Monroe

Image provided by Tin Man Comms PR

Thorntons Pearls -Marilyn Monroe Earrings

Image provided by Tin Man Comms PR

The edible jewellery took Thorntons head chocolate makers and chocolate food artist Prudence Staite a total of 135 hours to make, using 781 individual, hand-crafted chocolate pearls and I think we can all agree they look stunning, right?

Thorntons Pearls - Rihanna

Image provided by Tin Man Comms PR

Thorntons Pearls - Pearl Sunglasses

Image provided by Tin Man Comms PR

You can find Thorntons Pearls online and in store now, and I’d definitely recommend getting some quick…otherwise I may have eaten them ALL!

Thank you to Tin Man Comms PR and Thorntons for my chocolates x

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