A Visit To Lola Jeans… Eventually!

There are certain bars and restaurants in the North East that I see people talk about and praise a lot on social media, and Lola Jeans is one of them.

Bar a swift drink a couple of Christmas’ ago, I’ve never actually gotten round to visiting the venue (I’m terrible I know) so when I was kindly invited along to try one of their award winning burgers, I jumped at the chance!

I headed along to the city centre branch on Market Street, just down from the Theatre Royal, and as soon as I walked in my eyes went straight to the incredible skull mural on the back wall, which is so vibrant and stunning! The restaurant is full of character with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, framed photographs and artwork dressing the walls, and an array of mismatched vintage furniture filling the room. It was so busy when I arrived but the staff were so welcoming, and the atmosphere was actually surprisingly chill.

-3377653237742886522_IMG_8552I didn’t actually know until my visit that this was the second venue for Lola Jeans, with the original residing in Tynemouth! I think I’ll definitely be making the trip over sometime soon, maybe when the weather is a little nicer… 

Lola Jeans have won Battle of the Burger at Wylam Brewery 5 years in a row, so I was pretty certain I was in for a treat trying one of the past winners. I decided to go for this years winner ‘Clancy Wiggum’ much to Adam’s amusement, because when I told him the name I was obviously then inundated with Simpsons quotes!

The signature beef patties were topped with American cheese and streaky bacon, smothered in Tennessee barbecue sauce and baconaise and finished off with frazzles (bloomin’ FRAZZLES!!!!), served inside a brioche bun. There was also supposed to be some onion marmalade in there, and a gherkin, but I’m an awkward so and so and asked without – which wasn’t an issue in the slightest.

The burger completely lived up to the hype, and was so juicy and tender! I found out that Lola Jeans use the beef knuckle (which is part of the underbelly) to make their burgers as it’s the most tender part of a cow. Fun little fact too is that the chefs actually brine the beef in a salt and sugar mix for 24 hours, which is what makes the burger so succulent!

Not only was I allowed to choose a burger, I was also able to pick a side dish! There were some great choices including triple cooked chips, sweet potato fries, pizza fries and mac and cheese, which is what I went for and it was bloody delicious! We were also treat to a melon matcha cocktail which was so refreshing, and got to pick a dessert too. I went for Sticky Toffee Pudding which was delicious…but sadly I couldn’t finish it – I was stuffed!

Food and cocktails are at the heart of Lola Jeans and you can really tell. The food, drinks and atmosphere made for a wonderful evening and I honestly can’t wait to head back. Adam’s not been before and he LOVES burgers, so I think a cheeky date night there is on the cards. Both Lola Jeans venues have some exciting things lined up throughout the year too, so make sure you keep an eye out for news and info!

You can find Lola Jeans in Newcastle at 1-3 Market Street (NE1 6JE) and the opening times are:

Monday – Thursday : 12pm – 12am
Friday – Sunday : 12pm – 1am

And if you fancy heading to the original branch in Tynemouth, you can find that at The Arcade, Front Street (NE30 4BS) and opening times are:

Sunday – Thursday : 12pm – 12am
Friday – Saturday : 12pm – 1am

Thank you so much again to Lorna and the whole Lola Jeans team for a wonderful evening. I can’t wait to return!

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