June: The Debrief

Crikey, we’re halfway through July and I’m only just getting round to posting June’s debrief! It’s definitely been a busy month or so. June was especially busy as it was my birthday…but more about that below in my catch up. Let’s go!


The beginning of June saw Adam and I have a little drive up to Coldingham Bay to see my Mam, Dad and family friends on their stay at a caravan site for a couple of days. Possibly the best thing about the trip was our visit down the road to St Abbs, a beautiful area which was used for the set of New Asgard in Avengers!! Sadly I didn’t bump into Thor or Korg, but I did get to hold Mjolnir so clearly I’m worthy!


So if you’ve read my Thirty Before Thirty post, you’ll know I turned 29 on the 1st June. After seeing the family in Coldingham, we headed back home and had all our friends round to celebrate my birthday on the bank holiday weekend. I had an absolutely wonderful time celebrating and was spoilt rotten by my gorgeous friends – just look at these girls, they’re the best! Mind, it did end a bit ridiculous and I knocked myself out and spent the rest of the night in hospital buuuuut we’ll pretend that didn’t happen…


My Dad and I headed along to Newcastle to visit the Hancock Gallery for the first time in the middle of June and caught the opening night of Stephen Johnston’s fantastic exhibition ‘Portraits of Metropolis’. I’d definitely recommend heading along to the exhibition while it’s still on. There are plenty of other incredible pieces of art as well and it’s a stunning gallery. I can’t wait to go back!


Here’s what I was watching in June.

I have absolutely LOVED watching Ms. Marvel – it’s fresh, it’s new and it’s been so important for the MCU. Very excited to see what happens next!

I really enjoyed the new Jurassic World film. Great story, exciting dinosaur scenes and a great merge of both the old and new characters. Can’t wait to watch it again!

I’ve always loved Toy Story so was super excited when I saw that they’d be releasing Lightyear! Adam and I went along and whilst it wasn’t my favourite Pixar film, I still enjoyed it. Chris Evans was brilliant as Buzz!

Enjoy the rest of July and we’ll catch up soon! x

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