February: The Debrief

Right I said the same thing last month as well but WHERE did February go? I can’t believe how quick this year is going, it’s actually quite scary.

It’s been yet another busy month (surprise, surprise!) so let’s catch up over my February debrief…


It was Adam’s birthday at the beginning of the month so we started February off with wonderful birthday celebrations for him which included a first visit to Meat:Stack for one of the nicest burgers I’ve EVER had and a group visit to Junkyard Golf in Newcastle with some of our closest pals. We had so much fun that we ended up going back the week after with some other friends too! It’s recently opened over the last few months just down from The Gate and it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a cute date night idea, or some fun with mates.


For my Dad’s birthday last year we bought him a voucher for Valhalla North Axe Throwing in Newton Aycliffe which he finally got round to cashing in. OBVIOUSLY we couldn’t let him go alone so we all tagged along, even Florence, and had the best time! The team are so nice and helpful and it’s so much fun to do. Adam was chuffed because he got to sign his name on the wall for hitting a clutch in a competitive match. I would definitely love to head back!


One of the definite highlights of February was watching our lovely friends Jake and Georgia get married! It was such a beautiful day at Wylam Brewery and so wonderful to have been a part of it and to spend time with all our fab friends. It’s definitely made us think even more about ours now so I’ve been doing more planning since!!


Been watching a lot of telly as always throughout February…

I absolutely love this show and I get proper buzzing when it comes back! Loving the new judges this year and love the brief of 100 years of the BBC/broadcasting. Some great dishes so far and it makes me want to be able to cook better.

We’re watching this for the first time and about 4 series in. Why did no one tell me to watch this sooner?! I love it and Tina is my spirit animal.

Pam and Tommy is definitely one of the best shows we’ve been watching the past few months. It’s absolutely crazy to believe that it’s a true story, like I proper can’t get my head around it!!! Absolutely brilliant casting too. Obvs I love Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee but bloody hell, Lily James as Pamela Anderson is just something else! Still can’t get past the fact it’s actually her, they’ve made her look so much like her it’s mad. Well worth a watch!

Honourable mention obviously goes to Peaky Blinders as well which returned at the end of February. I am so bloody excited to see where it’s going because that first episode alone was incredible!!!

February was definitely another great month! Let’s see what March has to offer…

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