January: The Debrief

I hate to be THAT person but seriously, where did January go?! I can’t quite believe we’re one whole month into 2022 already.

I said I wanted to get back into my blogging this year and so at the end of each month I’m going to do a little debrief of what’s been happening in my life – what I’ve been watching/where I’ve been going. That kind of thing!

January has actually been quite a busy month with highs, and lows. I suffer with anxiety and that has been quite bad the past few weeks but I’m getting there and trying new things to help with that…which kind of leads me on to what I’ve been up to!

First up…


Adam’s cousin Ashley caught me when I was drunk at our engagement party and convinced me to come along to one of her pole sessions at SW Pole Fitness in Seaham. I said yes and didn’t think any more of it until she messaged me at the start of the year with the details. Usually I’d be absolutely terrified by this but I thought ‘screw it’ and off I went! I’ve only done a few a classes but I’m absolutely loving it so far and can’t wait to do more and build my strength. It’s already given me a new found confidence and I’m loving that.


We aren’t quite ready for a dog of our own yet so I get VERY excited when we’re allowed to look after my Mam and Dad’s dog, Florence. She’s a 3 and a half year old Maltese and honestly, she’s a bigger diva than Mariah. I LOVE HER! She stayed with us for a few days this month while my parents went away and it was just a joy to have her around. Cuddles on the settee, walks in the park. It was so lovely and a real boost for my mental health. Just look at her!


So we aren’t getting married until next year but I’m already starting to plan well in advance! In January, plans included putting a deposit down for our flowers with the wonderful Caroline at nomad. I’d met her at a couple of wedding showcases and just knew I wanted to use her so I headed along last week for a little chat over ideas and put a deposit down for our day! So exciting and her stuff is so beautiful.


Finally I’ve been binge watching quite a lot of shows this month! We absolutely LOVED The Responder with Martin Freeman – totally had us on edge. I watched A Teacher while Adam was on a night out the other week and oh my GOD, I couldn’t turn it off – I watched all 10 episodes and had several gins while watching it. AMAZING show. Four Lives was brilliant and had me in tears. Then this last weekend when I was hungover I decided to watch all 8 episodes of… now let me get this right… The Woman in the House Across the Street fro the Girl in the Window. LONGEST TITLE EVER! I was a bit disappointed by the ending but still deffo worth a watch.

It’s definitely been a busy month and we’ve got another busy one coming up in February.

Hope you’ve had a good start to the year…let’s see what month 2 brings!

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